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Just a quick blurb via the CTA Tattler:

New York’s loss is Chicago’s gain — Chicago will get $153 million in federal funds for congestion-relief efforts. Those funds had been earmarked for New York until it missed a deadline to apply.

The congestion-relief efforts are two-pronged: a network of express bus routes, and a peak-period pricing system for both garage and metered parking, and for building loading zones that clog streets.

So. Exciting. Like UglyStepSister, I am super-into public transit and have often said I wouldn’t live anywhere that I would need to purchase a car. That doesn’t mean I don’t drive–it just means that I don’t want to deal with car ownership. Bikes and buses and trains are best for me!


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When I moved to DC from Chicago, my first experience with public transit resulted in amazement. Clean, fast, and on time. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a bus, and the trains are rarely delayed due to mysterious track problems, probably caused by the ghosts of mobsters. This was always my beef in Chicago. The CTA seems great, until you discover it is a rotting carcass of a public transit system.

This doesn’t mean I like DC more than Chicago. I don’t. Chicago is my favorite place to live, except for the weather, the public transit, and generally the killings. DC doesn’t fulfill the diner needs that Chicago can. Nor the concert, indie film, or long walks on the beach needs. I find DC to be generally bland but pretty. Chicago is my home, and I love it, despite my complaints.

But my bitterness about the CTA was lessened this morning when I finally watched the video CerealMom posted a few days ago. She couldn’t grab the embed at the time, so here is the video:

I may have seen a girl vomit Orange crush soda all over the CTA, as well as seeing a man who was loudly yelling about having needle-sharing induced AIDS drop a bloody razor (I’m serious) on the CTA, but I have never been shoved onto the CTA. Thank G for small favors.

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