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Back off, SimSkank

So, my beloved PTC and I are big geeks, in case you hadn’t noticed. We hang out and play the Wii on Saturday nights when we should be somewhere drinking expensive booze in expensive shoes. We are also bloggers who cross-reference each other and have fake fights in our GChat statuses. I think you get the geeky picture.

So, naturally I didn’t blink an eye when PTC decided that he wanted to play the Sims again (is it retro now?) and he wanted to create a family* of us. We spent some time giggling over what we should look like and what our personality traits would be, and laughed when our Sims seemed to honestly represent us in Simland. I wear hats and cardigans and he jumps on couches for fun. Natch.

I came home from the gym last night and was greeted with a heartfelt “I’m sorry! I love you, I didn’t mean it, I wasn’t watching me, I was making you learn how to cook a new dish, and when I looked back, I was making out with some girl who wandered into our house. I stopped it once I noticed, but you’re seriously pissed at me. All of your dislikes are my face, and you are angry at me 75 points!”

I laughed, and sat down with him to give some pointers.

“Try apologizing, then compliment me, then ask me to slow dance.”


“Ok, I’m more pissed than I thought. Maybe you should apologize a few more times, buy me a little present, and let me sleep it off. I’ll feel better tomorrow.”

Not only did this not work, but SimMe wouldn’t even let him near the bed. He was kicked to the digital curb in a serious way.

He got increasingly more frustrated. “Why don’t you just let me apologize?! I didn’t mean it!”

“Then you should have thought of that before you made out with wandering trampsicle who shows up and ruins lives!” (I couldn’t resist.)

PTC proceeded to apologize to real me and SimMe for the rest of the night. And continued today. When he turned the game back on just now, not only was I still mad and giving the Simlish silent treatment, I was also aggressively cleaning.

I love technology.


*I find this an interesting aspect of being in a long term committed relationship but not being married, and how it becomes ground for outsiders to not recognize that there is a space between “single” and “married.” PTC was able to create a “family” of the two of us where our last names were meshed to create a new one, but the only options of declaring our “relationship” were roommates, friends, and married. So, we’re a family of two with a mashup name who are roommates. How pomo.


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Geek Love

So, I very recently celebrated my three-year anniversary with Plus Two Charisma, A.K.A. Mr. UglyStepSister. It was awesome and all–PTC is rad and does an awesome Springsteen impression–but I need not bore you with my personal life.

I bring my anniversary up because I’ve been thinking about my favorite weird/quirky/awkward love scenes in movies and being the pop-culture curator that I am (as well as being obsessed with shit you can find on YouTube), I decided that I would share some of my favorite romantic moments with you.

There are a lot of things about me you don’t know anything about… things you wouldn’t understand… things you shouldn’t understand.

Pink Plush Carpeting… Me You and Everyone We Know

Gilda Radner is my hero, so…

I’m a musical nerd as well (yeah yeah, eat it.) so, Seymour’s My Man!

And, my favorite of them all, the incredibly uncomfortable but oh-so-sincere “Lady” scene from Freaks and Geeks (high school Uggs swoons at the thought of Nick Andopolis – sister loves awkward!)

Feel free to suggest your own favorites! Oh, and, happy three, PTC!

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