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This is not the most amusing piece of e-correspondence I’ve received from my elderly landlords, but it’s a good example of Their Ways.  A posting for a vacancy in my building stated dogs are not permitted; my lease says they are allowed with written permission.  I wrote asking for clarity as I may at some point in the future wish to live with a person who has a dog.  I received this response.


December 1

Dear Ms. [MiddleChild],

The listing is correct, and the lease is consistent because we in fact are not willing to approve a dog for any of the apartments in [address].  We absolutely do not want a dog in that building.

A future revision of the lease for this property will state that dogs are simply not permitted.

We have apartments in another building where a dog is permitted, but there is no vacancy there at present.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Best wishes,
[Mr. Landlord]


I think you’ll agree the best part of this email is the last line.  As if I might go ahead and have a dog anyway?  I live on the ground floor of a building with six units.  Further, the dog in question is a very healthy barker.  I don’t think he could be clandestinely kept in the apartment, but I am amused at the firm wording of this email.
[You should totally start pooping in the yard and barking in the night.  – UGGS]


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