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wheez the juice

From today’s NYTimes:

Scientists are talking for the first time about the old idea of resurrecting extinct species as if this staple of science fiction is a realistic possibility, saying that a living mammoth could perhaps be regenerated for as little as $10 million.

Hello! Hasn’t anyone seen Jurassic Park? Or at least Encino Man? Let me synthesize the morals of both stories: let sleeping fossils/cadavers/ancient mosquito blood samples lie. I know Encino Man had a happy ending in which Link becomes a stoney California teenager but a Pauly Shore/Brendan Frasier/Sean Astin vehicle should never, ever have existed.

two headed kitty

In other weird science news, check out this awesomely cute two-headed kitten from the TimesOnline.

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This is about to get real personal.

I am in North Carolina right now, happily working from home (or my boyfriend’s home) and getting the most out of having Veteran’s Day off.  Mr. MiddleChild had to take his car to the shop on the way to work, so he left me to play house alone this morning.  At 8 am, shortly after I got out of the shower, his house phone rang.

I went to see who was on the caller ID (issue #1).  Seeing that it was the car dealer, I decided to answer it in case there was some sort of problem and they didn’t have his cell number (issue #2).  “Hello, Ms. [Mr. MiddleChild]?”  “Yes,” I replied (issue #3).  “This is so-and-so from the blah-de-blah car dealership; is your husband on his way in for his appointment?”  “Yes, he left a short while ago,” (issue #4).  I justified these passive lies on the basis of not wanting to bother with saying “oh, no, I’m not Ms. Mr. MiddleChild” or “oh, he’s not my husband, we just love to sin together at every opportunity.”  I felt better when he said he didn’t correct the woman when she told him she’d spoken to his wife.

This is not the first time a stranger has presumed things about our relationship.  Last time he was in DC for work, I called the hotel front desk and the man addressed me as “Ms. Mr. MiddleChild.”  I liked it way, way, way too much.

Today is a beautiful fall day; I met him at his office and we had lunch and after I do some more work maybe I’ll go outside and play with the dog and anyway I just think I might have Serious Issues.

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Via +2Charisma. I love the line-dancing rogues gallery and Ultraman’s Scat-styling fedora.

Actually, I mostly like this video because it reminds me of this Moldy Peaches music video:

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Phallic Playground Equipment?

Yep! Also a vital part of WTF Tuesday.

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+2Charisma directed me to a great dose of WTF this morning. The Chicago Tribune’s got a great crime beat article up: it’s great because it has no quotes or really much hard data…and the Google Maps screenshot is longer than the actual blurb that accompanies it. But it’s news! You know why? Because “Sister of Bears Quarterback Grossman Robbed at Gunpoint.” This is news?

Anyhow, here’s what we had to say on the matter. He’s the robot, I’m the animal:

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Noted photographer Jill Greenberg is in trouble for photoshopping outtakes from an Atlantic Monthly cover shoot featuring John McCain and publishing them on her website. (Whew! Mouthful!) Seems like Greenberg has crossed a professional line by using the detritus from a paid project to defame the subject of said project. Ya dig?

Anywho, BoingBoing has the scoop (and detailed instructions on how to view the rest of Greenberg’s pictures), but we Prerogatives thought that Jill’s pics make a perfect GroupThink (and maybe even provide a delightful visual correlary to our shamelessly leftist viewpoints). Without further ado: unleash the hounds.

CerealMom: Sarah Palin says we are ALL God’s creatures, from unborn to undead.

StyleBaby: The virginal brides file past his tomb / Strewn with time’s dead flowers / Bereft in deathly bloom / Alone in a darkened room / The count / Bela Lugosi’s dead.

MiddleChild: I don’t get it.

UglyStepSister: Here’s a haiku:

McCain drinking blood

won’t reroute our focused thought

“Hey Palin, eat shit.”

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