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Two cool pieces of kid political media this morning.

First, via my sister who runs a program for kid media literacy and digital video production in Oregon, some adorable blazer-d Ron Clark Academy kids covering T.I.’s “Whatever You Like

Second, via Wonkette, intrepid kid reporter adorably interviews Joe Biden – the interview starts around 3:30, but the kid talking to the news reporter part is pretty cool, too.

I can has hope?


I am so worn out over this election, but seeing kids involved (or at least, being reminded that their futures are involved) makes it all seem more worth fighting for.  This picture pretty much sums that up for me:

(That picture came from this amazing blog post, which quoted it from here.)


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Michelle’s face is amazing.  She is #1.

Joe’s dance is awesome.  He is #2.

Barry’s grin is great, so he is #3.

But Hillary’s outfit, per usual, is distracting because her scarf + the outfit on the body makes it look like she is a court jester, so she is #4.

I wanna watch Zoolander SO BADLY.

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