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I saw this ad for the new Tickle Me Elmo doll on tv last night.

Maybe its just me, or the fact that they showed the ad after midnight on cable, but what is going on with Elmo’s blurred out mid-section?


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Whew! One of our referring searches this week included the terms “brothel OR bordello.”  I can only hope that we didn’t disappoint.

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Dead! (Redux!)

Remember this? Well, today, there’s all sorts of hullabaloo about John Edwards’ MISTRESS.


Hey, SoFlouncy (AKA UglyStepsister): You might be right. Ew.

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More on the Gays.

Oops, excuse me. The Blinds.

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Dykes Packing Pink Pistols

This is so horrifically awesome (Fox News at its finest) that I am committing my first cross-post

Gays! First they try to blaspheme marriage, now they’re terrorizing children all over the nation! What’s next? Precious the cat wearing pink triangle collars, with her breath reeking of fish? Oh, wait…

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I love maps.  I love them aesthetically, I love them functionally, but I really love when a map brings a whole new context to the size/location of the area.

This map is pretty fascinating, because it maps the Gross Domestic Product of all the 50 states, and titles them with a country that has the same/similar GDP.

I am particularly fascinated with the fact that Tennessee has the same GDP as Saudi Arabia.

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I want to encourage any of our readers to submit their Awkward Photos to my collection!  Please send any pics (they will/can be posted anonymously) to AwkwardPhase@gmail.com

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