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Please notice that the top of the bag says “Feliz 2005.”  These chips possibly were in fact from 2005.  We picked them up at a gas station on our way back south toward the end of the trip.  As Mr. MiddleChild put it: “Worse than dog food.”  More on Mozambique to come…


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Vote or Die

Jessica Alba, her empty dead eyes and her Louis Vuitton muzzle remind you to vote (or die).

I just remembered to request my absentee (aka fake) ballot before leaving – if you, too, are cheating and still voting in your home state where it actually counts instead of in, say, a non-state, get your absentee ballot, dangit!

Tomorrow Mr. MiddleChild and I depart for two weeks with my friend who is in Mozambique as a Peace Corps volunteer.  I will try not to eat all the Oreos, Rice Krispee Treats and Butterfingers her mom sent me to courier over, but I’m just saying I have about 30 hours of travel and am not bringing my ipod so…

See you in mid-October, when I will have stories of one or more of the following:
The Yotel
– Diarrhea (And believe me, I will be *real* about this with you)
– Hilarious miscommunications/Portuguese bumbles in which Mr. MC ends up trading me for bus tickets
– Beaches, horseback riding, snorkeling, travel by dhow, traveling overland, visiting my friend’s classroom and former host family, and MORE!

I leave you this image from our recent trip to Michigan:

I sure miss that state.

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In a little less than a month, Mr. MiddleChild and I are going on a little trip to visit my friend who is a Peace Corps Volunteer. This involves 31 hours of travel, including a transatlantic flight on the airline that almost stopped serving food on international flights and filed for Chapter 11 yesterday six years ago.

Following the 8 hour flight to London, we have a 10 hour layover before our 10 hour flight down the Dark Continent. Initially we pondered storming London for the day, but clearing customs and making it into the city and back became too ambitious.

Instead we’ll shower and sleep and bask in the fluorescent purple glow of modernity.

Heathrow and Gatwick airports are both home to the Yotel, basically the best freaking idea ever.

Being on a budget, we opted for the standard cabin – smaller than the premium shown above. Still, as the website says, “There’s as much in these 7 square metres [sic] as you’d find in most 4 star hotels.”

Why I love this idea:

1. Airports are terrible places to spend any extended period of time. That someone is putting beds in them pleases me.

2. Hello I booked this hotel *by the hour.* How Pretty Woman is THAT?

3. Excellent idea brought to life in a clean design. Makes the architect’s daughter in me happy.

4. What better way to spend hours with a loved one?  After being shoehorned next to each other for 8 hours and prior to enduring the same for another 10, what we really need is some together time in approximately 22 square feet of space.

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Here are three reasons that Logan International Airport (that’s in Boston, folks) is one of the worst, ever, in the world:

1.) If your flight is canceled and you want to eat, you have to LEAVE the gate area for the main section of the terminal, which means that you have to go through security again to get back to your gate. As if taking your shoes off once wasn’t bad enough.

2.) You should never put bells in a children’s play area. No one wants to hear little Tommy or Ginnie or Kwame clanging the cowbell like there’s no tomorrow. Put a muffler on that shit!

3.) Not everyone likes a fat slab of meat with every single food item. Some of us like our salads sans ham cubes, thx.

If ya’ll haven’t guessed already, I’m stuck in an airport. And I may never get out. Send help, please!

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I went to Madrid, and it was fantastic. The traveling was awful, but that is another post for another day.

I went to a communist bar that served a variety of flavorful daiquiris. I spent most of my time in this bar plotting the opening of a competitor bar… maybe a Socialist lounge… across the street. We would have cheaper but better booze and a bigger sign.

I also saw some kick ass graffiti. It has become a trend here at the Prerog to display some of our favorites, so here are two:

madrid-graffiti-1.jpg This little number was in the construction zone of a metro station. There were a variety of homeless people sleeping around it, but I had to stand awkwardly between some so I could take this.


This was painted on the exterior wall of a small podiatrist office. I just get a kick out of it.

Also while in Madrid, I witnessed my first stabbing. I was sitting on the Metro platform when the train going the opposite direction pulled in. As the doors opened, we (my cousin and I) heard glass breaking, saw some guys run up the escalator, scuffle, and then back down the escalator to the now departing train. The stabbers made it onto the train, and as it pulled away we saw a group of flabbergasted kids standing there, and then one fell over. He has been stabbed in the ribs with a broken bottle! Whoa.

I also ate chocolate and churros, drank more than usual, slept in every day, and lost 5 pounds. God bless Europe.

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Saturday night:

Mr. Uggs and I decide to enjoy a nice evening together, that includes grabbing some dinner at the local cafe, metro-ing down to the theater to see Be Kind Rewind, and potentially grabbing a drink.

As we’re sitting in the cafe, I realize we’ve let time slip a bit, and that we need to leave rather quickly in order to make it to the sold out show (that we bought tickets for online) and be able to get seats that don’t involve the front row and massive migraines. We book it out of the cafe and head for the metro. (more…)

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Stylebaby is visiting ol’ Minxy in the Lou this weekend and you are invited too! This Sunday we will be posting live from the Cowboy Cabaret, the river city’s very own Neo-Burlesque show! Minkstole and her beautiful, talented better half, H, have been tirelessly working on the show for a while now, but this will be Stylebaby’s first time in the audience and we are so excited to have her!

The event will take place at the Atomic Cowboy, in St. Louis’ historic Grove neighborhood, on Sunday at 8 PM. Here are a couple clips from my favorite performers!

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