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When UglyStepSister invited me to join OurPrerogative, I jumped at the chance, if only to write about something other than myself (though, let’s face it, it’s always going to really be about me).

Calli and Summer

I was at the National Zoo when she called, watching the Sea Lions during feeding time.

According to the zoo’s website, “They do many medical and natural behaviors, and love to retrieve objects out of the pool.”

… Is the zoo website in Engrish? I also learned that the portion of the zoo where the sea lions live (and also, somewhat discordantly, the bald eagles and wolves) is called “Beaver Valley.” My new favorite place!

While she couldn’t do this, Summer (the seal) impressed me with her ability to stay, spin, fetch a Frisbee, swim sideways and generally do cute tricks. I wonder if they let zoo volunteers play with the seals…

So that’s me, MiddleChild: I like seals now that I know they are basically dogs with fins, I am friends with UglyStepSister (and Mr. Uggs. Hi!), I live in the land of Taxation without Representation (but like any good prerogger, hail from the Midwest), I love parentheses, semicolons and proper comma use in lists.  Also, I care about things.


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