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Virginia Heffernan, you so great! You so great you helped teach me how to contagiate my videos:

Quick, fellow prerblogatives: What’s your favorite media blog? (Actually, I’m a little serious about this. I’m trying to beef up my daily GoogleReadings…)


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I’m… I’m sorry, McCain girl? For saying you were tone deaf and not sure how to use a blue screen? Are you gonna get absolutely John McCain on me now?

I guess this is why she’s mad – one of many comments from youtube:

the funnyest thing ever is that the main singing black girl looked retarded like retarded not meaning stupid but accualy retarded

Obviously the trolls on youtube are ridiculous, and its easy to be cruel in the anonymity of the internet. I myself have dealt with similar nameless jerks. But girl, you let yourself get all pissy over someone who writes about retarded but not retarded retarded people as though they were retarded.

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