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Someone unearthed a 1946 Disney video that explains the wonders of menstruation and, like any good video archeologist, posted it on YouTube. While the video doesn’t explain the wonders of anything else that could, or should, go on in the nether-region, it did teach us the invaluable lesson that my ovary is the size of an almond. And now we’d like to open it up to the (ahem) peanut gallery. Ladies?

StyleBaby: Kotex PWNS your uterus. Also, I love, love, love that “some girls are heavy, some slight.” SLIGHT! Somehow that’s even worse than skinny.

UglyStepSister: Things I learned: Don’t shower in scalding hot water – burning is bad for future babies! When biking, never pedal or use your handlebars – just ride sidesaddle and free down a hill! Don’t let your pituitary gland give you freakish strength like the hulk! Don’t commit suicide while menstruating, and for chrissakes, stand up straight!

CerealMom: Girls, remember, when you are men-STRU-ating its only natural to cry when you look in the mirror and brush your hair. But never fear! Keep working that vaccum–with good posture and a beautiful smile–and relief shall come.

MiddleChild: “If the egg is impregnated” …by Disney magic?  No wonder I grew up fearing I would become pregnant without having sex and no one would believe me that I was still a virgin.


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Noted photographer Jill Greenberg is in trouble for photoshopping outtakes from an Atlantic Monthly cover shoot featuring John McCain and publishing them on her website. (Whew! Mouthful!) Seems like Greenberg has crossed a professional line by using the detritus from a paid project to defame the subject of said project. Ya dig?

Anywho, BoingBoing has the scoop (and detailed instructions on how to view the rest of Greenberg’s pictures), but we Prerogatives thought that Jill’s pics make a perfect GroupThink (and maybe even provide a delightful visual correlary to our shamelessly leftist viewpoints). Without further ado: unleash the hounds.

CerealMom: Sarah Palin says we are ALL God’s creatures, from unborn to undead.

StyleBaby: The virginal brides file past his tomb / Strewn with time’s dead flowers / Bereft in deathly bloom / Alone in a darkened room / The count / Bela Lugosi’s dead.

MiddleChild: I don’t get it.

UglyStepSister: Here’s a haiku:

McCain drinking blood

won’t reroute our focused thought

“Hey Palin, eat shit.”

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via Jezebel

Uggs: If I were in the Female Bunch, I would be the local rancher woman who rides a big stallion (no saddle, puhlease!), manages the branding process to run as efficiently as possible while maintaining our high torture standards, and generally having sex with wandering men (hobos, Manson wannabes, Charlie Sheen) before injecting them with my vagina poison and leaving them in a barn for dead. But not until after I’ve branded them, using my new Eco-Friendly “Less Smoke” brander. We feminists love the environment!

StyleBaby: Can we just talk about how, though this movie seems to be all ’bout the nekkid ladies torturing the somewhat nekkid dudes, ONLY ONE WOMAN GETS TOP BILLING?

CerealMom: Sexist and Manson family-related. But the female bunch don’t care about no gender parity! We just get our rocks off then cut their dicks off! Count me in as the the free-loving heroin hussy who eats/sleeps/fucks with her holster around her waist and a knife in her boot.

MiddleChild: I’m sorry, I just can’t get over the name. “The Female Bunch” is supposed to be some lawless group of freeloving maneating heroin addicts? Sounds like Paula Dean’s Sunday Brunch ‘n’ Bridge group to me. “We’re the Female Bunch, y’all!”

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Welcome to Group Think–a new feature on OurPrerogative! Each week we’ll be taking some bit of pop culture gristle and subjecting it to the stern linguistic stylings of the OP crew.

Our first serving of this sure-to-be phenomenal feature is a doozy, and comes to us via Feministing/Julia Serano: It’s a commercial for a hair removal product marketed specifically to the trans community.

CerealMom: Wait, if I have a lot of hair on my body, does that make me a transgendered person, too? And I love that he comes on stage a WOMAN but is really a BOY. Who scripted this reality commercial?

MiddleChild: So, what we have learned is that transgendered folk are even more beholden to an unnatural standard of beauty than us natural-born vaginae?

MinkStole: Eliminating man hair is serious stuff.  True test of any dipilatory product if you ask me .  Fortunately I am a woman and therefore enjoy pain.  Until I saw this commercial, I’d never really thought about it, but wow! SO TRUE!!

StyleBaby: I’m pretty easy to manipulate, apparently, because this commercial totally had me cheering until that shitty catchphrase puked on my sense of pride in humanity. “Like all men, he’s not great with pain.” WTF? Who is great with pain? Sheesh. Give me Animal Prufrock any day of the week over this.

UglyStepSister: All political commentary aside, that is one hot trannie. Like, Pussycat Dolls hot. Like, don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like him hot. Like, can I vote for him to be Paris’ BFF?

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