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Special thanks to LawLabs for the video.


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Michelle’s face is amazing.  She is #1.

Joe’s dance is awesome.  He is #2.

Barry’s grin is great, so he is #3.

But Hillary’s outfit, per usual, is distracting because her scarf + the outfit on the body makes it look like she is a court jester, so she is #4.

I wanna watch Zoolander SO BADLY.

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This morning Mr. Uggs had a link to this set on Flickr. I don’t have the same Chicago roots or nostalgia levels as my fellow preroggers, but I do love a good abandoned building. According to the photographer:

Edgewater Hospital was founded in 1929 and most of the current buildings were constructions in the ’40’s – ’60’s. It’s famous as the birthplace of both John Wayne Gacy and Hillary Rodham Clinton. In 2001, the hospital abruptly closed its doors permanently when its management and many of its doctors were found guilty of committing Medicare fraud.

Photo by Comtesse DeSpair

The set is a treasury (and sometimes a children’s treasury) of empty hallways, a creepy morgue, strange equipment, labs, people’s medical records and funny signs. Judging by Comtesse’s other sets, abandoned buildings are kind of her thing.

It reminded me of a book my sister has. I love pictures of places left behind and the warm post apocalyptic feeling they give me.  As this same sister said, “Post Apocalypse is my favorite historical period.”

Which then got me thinking about my brief trip to New Orleans over a year ago.

I was there for a conference but dipped into the Lower 9th when a plucky volunteer offered to take me out of the French Quarter. It was awful and fascinating and sad all at once. The image above was taken almost two years after the hurricane.

I think what I like about the EMC photos, the Chernobyl book and to a lesser extent my pictures of NOLA is the idea that little pieces of the world are ending everywhere but we never get to see it unless we go looking.

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Chinese Poops

After months of research (the assistant kind), writing and editing, yesterday a giant project went out the door for review by an advisory committee.  While my Google Reader remains massively backed up (I actually had to unsubscribe from Perez – it’s just too much), I do have a little more me time at work.  At least until 10 days from now when the reviews will be in and we will have to blah blah boring work talk.  Let’s just say my plate is full.

The past three months of work have left me feeling a bit like I could use one of these:

h/t Mr. MiddleChild, who sent me this two months ago and that’s how long it’s taken me to blog about it.  Keep an eye out for my forthcoming follow-up post: Douches.

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Cough cough, I am so sick. Wah. Phlegm. Ugh.

I took the day off yesterday. I slept in, had some breakfast, and parked myself on the couch with intention to watch some trashy television and drift in and out of consciousness. I don’t have cable, so my trashy tv options were limited to whatever channels our bunny ears could bring in. I was generally disappointed. All I could get was the Olympics (which entertained me for… 20 minutes) and re-runs of Ellen and Dr. Phil. I then turned to my wall of media. I could have watched the Wire in its entirety… again. Or the Office, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, Extras, every John Waters movie ever, zombie movies, etc. None of it was hitting the spot. That’s when I looked at the back of the bottom shelf where I keep old VHS, and remembered that I have the entire Canadian mini-series production of Anne of Green Gables on VHS. JACKPOT.

I should explain my life-long connection with Anne of Green Gables. When I was a kid, the library down the street let you rent movies for weeks at a time. I would always have the Anne tapes checked out. I lived in a long line of very creepy houses (which is another post, nay, novel unto itself) and when I couldn’t sleep (all the time) I would watch Anne. Something about Avonlea was so comforting, it would provide me with whatever country old-fashioned-ness I needed to fall asleep.

Then, when I turned 16, my social life was open to an abundance of new opportunities by driving to Walmart at 3am, where they happened to have the entire collection on sale. You can tell where my hard earned $5.15 from Hardee’s was going.

So, yesterday was a day to re-ignite my love of Gilbert and my hatred of Josie Pye. I laugh when Anne dyes her hair and I cry when Matthew dies. In short, I am a giant geek.

But! I discovered a treasure trove of Anne tribute videos on Youtube. They are so cheesy, I love it love it love it.

Oh Gil and your puppy dog eyes and Canadian “soary”s! Oh Anne and your intense stubbornness that just leaves them wanting more! Can’t handle it!

Anne is the type that puts poison in the well! WATCH OUT!

I’ve always been pretty convinced that they had a little bit of a les romance going on… bosom friends?

NOTE: girl friends who I IM’ed with during the day claimed to be jealous, and guy friends called me lame.

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Ping Ping Ping

Hey Prerogatives,

I am trying out Ping.fm. I think it might make for some fun microblogging on the prerogablog. We shall see how it works.


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When I was in college, I loved (LOVED) campy queer music with really raunchy lyrics. Gravy Train!!!, Bitch and Animal, Fannypack, Peaches (more pansexual than queer, but hey, whatevs) were pretty much a constant. Anyhow, I saw this post about Athens Boys Choir on Feministing a couple days ago, and the video totally gave me the heebie-jeebie flashbacks. So, in the spirit of the crappy/campy (crampy?) music I used to really love, I thought I would pull a totally Tubular roundup of my favorite crass songs, circa winter 2003.

Burger Baby, Gravy Train!!!

Oh, Gravy Train!!!, let me count the ways that I love(d) you. 1.) You sang hilarious songs about the sex. 2.) Burger Baby was quite possibly the grossest thing I had ever heard since that BloodHound Gang song that was big in 1999–but the big difference was that Bloodhound Gang was totally sexist and stupid, while Gravy Train!!! was sex-positive and stupid.

Cameltoe, FannyPack

I basically was into FannyPack because I had a huge crush on a girl that MinkStole and I dubbed “the prom queen lesbian.” I am not afraid to admit this on the internet. (Also, this post is quickly devolving from a roundup of raunchy music videos to a roundup of how Fucking Lame I Am.)

Drag Queen Bar, Bitch and Animal

So, I couldn’t find any actual video of Bitch and Animal performing this song, but this homemade ode is pretty fucking funny–and makes me very glad that I did not come of age with YouTube around. God knows how much humiliating content would be haunting me today.

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