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Have you heard?  The Obama family secret service names are out.  The codenames are further proof that the Cute Overload President-Elect and his family rule.

Barack – Renegade, natch
Michelle – Renaissance (you go!)
Malia – Radiance
Sasha – Rosebud (awwwwww)

Photo via Obama election night Flickr Set (IS HE FREAKING COOL OR WHAT)

I also laughed that Al Gore’s daughter was on the spot and picked “Smurfette” as her secret service name.

Mr. MiddleChild and I have had a few conversations about the level of expectation that President-Elect Obama (but seriously, how good does that still sound?) has built up in the hearts of Americans who previously could have given a poot about politics.  Mr. MC, ever the pragmatic economist, is worried that people really believe Obama will deliver solutions to broad social policy problems at the individual level, and deliver quickly.  I think people are smart enough to know that it’s not going to all happen at once, but I also think people feel invested enough in the outcome now to keep getting involved and keep pushing for big changes like health care reform.  This is the most exciting thing about our next president: he is a movement-builder by trade and he managed to whip the entire nation into a frenzy against politics as we know it.  I am so far gone on the Change Train that there is no going back – he is going to be DIFFERENT, DAMMIT.

Then I started reading Ezra Klein’s Max Baucus article from October 27, which builds the case for why Sen. Baucus is the second most powerful person (after Sen. Obama) in deciding whether comprehensive health care reform will happen.  And do you know why liberal intelligence magazine The American Prospect doesn’t think “comprehensive reform” is in our blood?  It’s the institutions.  Sigh.

For now, I continue to eat up every piece of human interest news on our new first family.  I especially enjoyed Rebecca Traister on Michelle Obama – this piece says so much about love and partnership and ambition and trade-offs.  I will just pretend Michelle Obama’s election night dress (my first thought: “When did she become 9 months pregnant?”) did not exist and say that I think I might be in love with the entire family.


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A new age old tradition of Blingee Day – the Cute Overload remix!


baby crimes 2.0

Drunk baby eats puppy!


This is sort of my interpretation of "God Creates Adam"

UGG's version of God Creates Adam


Hopeful tiger!

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I give you:

Miss Wasilla 1984

Miss Wasilla 1984

Please notice the safety pin in the lip.  SP is so Punk Rock!

The only check against Blingee so far is that I couldn’t find a pitbull.  Lots of guns, though.  There might need to be a version 2.0 of this one…  Why is Blingee so damn fun?


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Special thanks to LawLabs for the video.

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Here’s some awesome wheatpaste from the Logan Square area:

Things I love about it:

  1. It is an AIRBRUSHED wheatpaste, which means someone used expensive machinery to make it.
  2. Someone put it on the front of an Onion newspaper-box, which means they definitely know their audience.
  3. The clever redefinition of the prime directive.
  4. Someone, perhaps a true TNG fan, put a red X over the image using a ballpoint pen and straightedge, perhaps to protest the counter-cultural co-opt of their beloved Lt. Worf.

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I may or may not work at an organization that regularly receives solicitations for funding. We do not in fact give money to anyone, but the name is a little confusing and so we get letters and emails from someone who wants to start a nonprofit when he gets out of jail or buy a Christian radio station to save it from secularization or pay utility bills. Today we received a letter from Arthur Horn, designer and patent-owner of the Car of the Future.

The envelope contained a photocopy of typewritten letter that has almost certainly been recycled for years – some words and numbers have been whited out and re-written by hand (“Please send a check for $20 to cover my expenses and I will mail you a copy of my treatise.”) He has been thinking (“obsessed might be a better word”) about this since 1980 and the design was patented in 1995; however, as Mr. Horn laments in his letter, “The problem since then has been that this car apparently represents too revolutionary a change for people to easily absorb.” He goes on to say that he believes (though he does not provide any quantitative data on how he arrived at this belief) that the car of the future could save 75 (?) lives and 6 million barrels of oil daily.

Image above from the book – apparently other future-minded inventors have also tried to put training wheels on a motorcycle with similar success.

I think what I love most about this thing is how much it looks like something Walt Disney would have come up with (h/t Mr. MiddleChild) that the idea runs on the belief that the relatively near future is going to be so very radically different from today that people will abandon their love of overcompensationmobiles in favor of a motorcycle with a roof.

Also, I had to look up the word “monocoque.”

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Stuff I Want: Clocky

What’s more fun than starting the day with an adorable rolling alarm clock that makes R2D2 noises? Clocky was developed by MIT students (legit!) – I’ll take one in pink, please.

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