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Why is it that April Fool’s jokes work every single year? Even though we all know what time it is. After deciding two years ago that I would never again fall for another one of these April 1 tugs on my heartstrings (the April Fool’s Day joke played on me back in 2006 came true and I ended up spending 12 hours in jail on the southside, sobering up in a pink cell).

But Jezebel just got me good. I checked this morning, and things were normal on my second favorite site. I checked again, and I see this:

And yes, all of our staffers, new and old, will be convening at the Conde Nast headquarters in Midtown Manhattan as the redesign of the site continues. We hope that by taking the more veteran Jezebels out of their sweatpants and small studio apartments, they will be able to express their creativity and femininity in ways we haven’t seen before. (I’ve always felt that sloppy dressing equals sloppy thinking.)

And this:

If you work in a glamor industry: At a glossy fashion or beauty magazine, a cosmetics company, a design label, in television or film, drop us a line at tips@jezebel.com and let us know. You will be given Star Commenter status. This also applies if you are famous or related to someone famous. The idea is to create a network of amazing women who can help each other find Marc Jacobs bags on sale and get free Bumble & Bumble haircuts.

I almost starting crying. Jane flashbacks came on, dizzy spells — Condé Nast? no more Jezegays? Where’s SlutMachine? No! No! No!

Sorry if I ruined the joke for any of you Jezebel lovers, but sometimes the only way to heal the pain is to talk about it.


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