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Good Spam

Often, I get spam that has a strange, poetic meter in its ungrammaticalness. Here are some examples from today’s inbox. The first one features a sordid tale of adultery…or tax evasion?

Hohe hoholulu
Good night, darling. She rang
himself the master of the house. At his desire, incapable
either of reply or evasion. This extraordinary off the roan
and all we’ve got left to him, i’ll her husband still more
miserable in the stiff killed,

This jumping to conclusions is probably the gravel
beach, on which i found beautiful crystals was a little
alarmed by her. Hermione lytton gore, that day, was so overcome
with joy when he actually.

And the second is mostly concerned with the biology of the human heart:

I give
him the blowpipe heart was forced to remove it in two pieces.
we she liked with her grandfather.

I have never seen rosie
screaming at the top of her lungs, my mother’s go. I kept
a bold face before lestrade, but, upon at heart and oppressed
with his feeling of loneliness meal proceeded,

he was surprised to find it would have joined at least one
heart, and two off that i’d go. I was mad over that letter.
it was some dissipation of military force in such always
found him rather difficult to make out.


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