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Via +2Charisma. I love the line-dancing rogues gallery and Ultraman’s Scat-styling fedora.

Actually, I mostly like this video because it reminds me of this Moldy Peaches music video:


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Pump it, Puppet!

I am kind of in love with this gyrating nerd-puppet.

That is all.

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Hello Friday!

Kittens dancing!

I like to pay attention to different ones every time. For example, the two on the right are kinda James Brown-y, they can’t sit still, gotta break from the synch. And the two in the middle are on a date and dancing together, and at one point, Whitey on the left puts his paw on Greyskull on the right and says “I’m feelin it! Are you?”

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Gene Lives!

Like many who (unfortunately) frequent Wicker Park, I was saddened to hear of Gene Lee’s death. During many a summer’s walk down to the Crotch, CerealMom and I would see GeneGene (the dance machine) strutting his waxed-n-oiled self around, a true-to-life iPod commercial. (At one point Momma thought that Gene was actually real-life graffadi, and we spent a good 20 minutes debating the likelihood of the scenario. I still don’t think that’s the case.)

37signals eulogized him kindly:

Gene was important because he represented an increasingly elusive burst of color and character. As our cities homogenize, our street corners fill with banks, and our old buildings are replaced by cookie cutter replicas of the uninspired cinderblock box next door, we’re reminded that it’s the people – especially the local characters – that flavor the city. Gene was one of those people.

So, I’d given another local kook up as lost, until today. Via Chicagoist.

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