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I miss Chicago. Waah. It’s all I talk about. Waah. Sympathize with me, especially considering that before I moved I just wanted to leave because it’s too cold. POOR ME.


He is even sitting on a DECK that might collapse any minute... but I forgive you, "Gotham."

I swear to Jesus Christ's Holy Colon, no one here can cook anything that isn't some thai fusion shit. Maybe I'm exaggerating. But I want some greasy lamb that was prepared by a greasy dude who has been working in the same greasy 3am joint since he hopped off the goddamned boat.

The dicks who move here for a summer to intern for the government and who ride the Metro (but stand in the door and don't move for people to get on and off) and who talk very loudly about how important their fathers are and who yell on my sidewalk at 3am make me want to puke orange soda in public. In Chicago there are dicks, but at least they're not dicks who will threaten to have you deported.

No shit.

Things that don’t make me homesick:

  • Work
  • Public Transit
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • The entire month of February
  • Middlechild

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