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Noted photographer Jill Greenberg is in trouble for photoshopping outtakes from an Atlantic Monthly cover shoot featuring John McCain and publishing them on her website. (Whew! Mouthful!) Seems like Greenberg has crossed a professional line by using the detritus from a paid project to defame the subject of said project. Ya dig?

Anywho, BoingBoing has the scoop (and detailed instructions on how to view the rest of Greenberg’s pictures), but we Prerogatives thought that Jill’s pics make a perfect GroupThink (and maybe even provide a delightful visual correlary to our shamelessly leftist viewpoints). Without further ado: unleash the hounds.

CerealMom: Sarah Palin says we are ALL God’s creatures, from unborn to undead.

StyleBaby: The virginal brides file past his tomb / Strewn with time’s dead flowers / Bereft in deathly bloom / Alone in a darkened room / The count / Bela Lugosi’s dead.

MiddleChild: I don’t get it.

UglyStepSister: Here’s a haiku:

McCain drinking blood

won’t reroute our focused thought

“Hey Palin, eat shit.”


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Chinese Poops

After months of research (the assistant kind), writing and editing, yesterday a giant project went out the door for review by an advisory committee.  While my Google Reader remains massively backed up (I actually had to unsubscribe from Perez – it’s just too much), I do have a little more me time at work.  At least until 10 days from now when the reviews will be in and we will have to blah blah boring work talk.  Let’s just say my plate is full.

The past three months of work have left me feeling a bit like I could use one of these:

h/t Mr. MiddleChild, who sent me this two months ago and that’s how long it’s taken me to blog about it.  Keep an eye out for my forthcoming follow-up post: Douches.

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