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LawLabs pointed me in the direction of a handy dandy little Palin Name Generator. Have you always wanted to be a part of the Alaskan gubernatorial family? Well, now you can. I ran all of the Prerogatives through the generator just so you all could have a taste:

  • CerealMom = Barrel McRaven Palin
  • MiddleChild = Recoil Mush Palin
  • MinkStole = Clamp Noodle Palin
  • StyleBaby = Log Justice Palin
  • UglyStepSister = Bush Gator Palin

Feel free to post your Palin name in the comments!

EDIT: This is perhaps the best one of all: OurPrerogative, when put through the PalinNameMeatGrinder is… Crank Widow Palin. Booyah!


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and came back to this sad stream of chats from my beloved CerealMom.

Rxs for Prozac will go through the roof.

When Palin is president, prescriptions for Prozac will go through the roof.

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