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From today’s NYTimes:

Scientists are talking for the first time about the old idea of resurrecting extinct species as if this staple of science fiction is a realistic possibility, saying that a living mammoth could perhaps be regenerated for as little as $10 million.

Hello! Hasn’t anyone seen Jurassic Park? Or at least Encino Man? Let me synthesize the morals of both stories: let sleeping fossils/cadavers/ancient mosquito blood samples lie. I know Encino Man had a happy ending in which Link becomes a stoney California teenager but a Pauly Shore/Brendan Frasier/Sean Astin vehicle should never, ever have existed.

two headed kitty

In other weird science news, check out this awesomely cute two-headed kitten from the TimesOnline.


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I have a good job, I pay my bills, I have good credit, I am planning for retirement, I maintain my responsibilities and follow through on commitments, I try to be diplomatic, I floss (sometimes), and I generally have a low carbon footprint.  All these things qualify me for maturity right?

Now watch these awesome videos that PTC found and claimed that they were “The only thing I have ever seen where I felt like they were made specifically for you.”

Watch them and re-assess my (and your?) maturity level.  EMBRACE IT.

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My friend revived my interest in our old friend the Slanket today when he name-checked the Snuggie in his gchat status message. I had to follow the link and I discovered that, basically, a Snuggie is a Slanket without pockets. Otherwise, same.exact.thing. Right down to their marketing plans, which take advantage of our shitty economy and high gas prices to remind you that outfitting your family in the Slanket/Snuggie will help you slash your heating costs.

And then I remembered something I saw on the always-financially-oblivious third page of the Sunday Style section of the NYTimes: hooded blankets are high fashion! Yay! Apparently, Ralph Lauren and StellaMcCartney both marched models down their runways in hooded Peruvian-style blankets for their spring ’09 collections. And you can get your very own hooded peruvian-style blanket, ready-to-wear, at Barneys for $900-1200. Take that, high gas prices.

high fashion slanket

high fashion slanket

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Have you heard?  The Obama family secret service names are out.  The codenames are further proof that the Cute Overload President-Elect and his family rule.

Barack – Renegade, natch
Michelle – Renaissance (you go!)
Malia – Radiance
Sasha – Rosebud (awwwwww)

Photo via Obama election night Flickr Set (IS HE FREAKING COOL OR WHAT)

I also laughed that Al Gore’s daughter was on the spot and picked “Smurfette” as her secret service name.

Mr. MiddleChild and I have had a few conversations about the level of expectation that President-Elect Obama (but seriously, how good does that still sound?) has built up in the hearts of Americans who previously could have given a poot about politics.  Mr. MC, ever the pragmatic economist, is worried that people really believe Obama will deliver solutions to broad social policy problems at the individual level, and deliver quickly.  I think people are smart enough to know that it’s not going to all happen at once, but I also think people feel invested enough in the outcome now to keep getting involved and keep pushing for big changes like health care reform.  This is the most exciting thing about our next president: he is a movement-builder by trade and he managed to whip the entire nation into a frenzy against politics as we know it.  I am so far gone on the Change Train that there is no going back – he is going to be DIFFERENT, DAMMIT.

Then I started reading Ezra Klein’s Max Baucus article from October 27, which builds the case for why Sen. Baucus is the second most powerful person (after Sen. Obama) in deciding whether comprehensive health care reform will happen.  And do you know why liberal intelligence magazine The American Prospect doesn’t think “comprehensive reform” is in our blood?  It’s the institutions.  Sigh.

For now, I continue to eat up every piece of human interest news on our new first family.  I especially enjoyed Rebecca Traister on Michelle Obama – this piece says so much about love and partnership and ambition and trade-offs.  I will just pretend Michelle Obama’s election night dress (my first thought: “When did she become 9 months pregnant?”) did not exist and say that I think I might be in love with the entire family.

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This is about to get real personal.

I am in North Carolina right now, happily working from home (or my boyfriend’s home) and getting the most out of having Veteran’s Day off.  Mr. MiddleChild had to take his car to the shop on the way to work, so he left me to play house alone this morning.  At 8 am, shortly after I got out of the shower, his house phone rang.

I went to see who was on the caller ID (issue #1).  Seeing that it was the car dealer, I decided to answer it in case there was some sort of problem and they didn’t have his cell number (issue #2).  “Hello, Ms. [Mr. MiddleChild]?”  “Yes,” I replied (issue #3).  “This is so-and-so from the blah-de-blah car dealership; is your husband on his way in for his appointment?”  “Yes, he left a short while ago,” (issue #4).  I justified these passive lies on the basis of not wanting to bother with saying “oh, no, I’m not Ms. Mr. MiddleChild” or “oh, he’s not my husband, we just love to sin together at every opportunity.”  I felt better when he said he didn’t correct the woman when she told him she’d spoken to his wife.

This is not the first time a stranger has presumed things about our relationship.  Last time he was in DC for work, I called the hotel front desk and the man addressed me as “Ms. Mr. MiddleChild.”  I liked it way, way, way too much.

Today is a beautiful fall day; I met him at his office and we had lunch and after I do some more work maybe I’ll go outside and play with the dog and anyway I just think I might have Serious Issues.

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Happy Nostalgic Friday – I absolutely loved Highlights Magazine as a kid, particularly Goofus & Gallant.  Now, you can share your memories with the likes of Steven J. Dubnor, write your own Goofus & Gallant cartoon caption and of course take the quiz.  I never had anything published in Highlights, but I relished in criticizing the inadequate scribbles and poems of others (surprised?).  Go!

(via Jezebel)

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This ride made my little sister cry when we went to Disney World as wannabe Disney Princesses (Yes, I thought I was Maid Marian, I was also 6 years old). CREEEEPY.

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