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Here’s a really great idea for a fundraiser: pay some ca$h, get a picture of you and the Obaminator (if you haven’t noticed, I kind of like the -ator suffix) partaking of the ol’ terrorist fist jab! Here’s my favorites from the set:

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The website Country Above Self (via Wonkette) is a place for true patriots to gather and hate their fellow Americans. In addition to a comprehensive list of Patriots (freedom-from-due-process-lover Alberto Gonzales tops the list) and Traitors (Danny Glover is second only to Ron Paul), the website has a few video gems like the one above.

I think it speaks for itself but just in case you are confused as to what’s going on up there, that’s anti-Barack/pro-McCain karaoke – fun for the whole family – to the tune of Devil Went Down to Georgia. Obama and McCain fiddle-fight for the golden fiddle of the presidency. Then Obama explodes at the end. I’m starting to detect a theme.

UPDATE: Apparently the tricksters who read Wonkette hacked Country Above Self to send Mr. Glover to the top of the Traitors list. Rest assured he has been restored to his original place: marginally less traitor-ly than Sean Penn. Also, the site thanked OP for its coverage. You’re welcome!

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Or maybe she’s just an old lady… but a feisty one! I am always in the market to adopt new grandfolk.

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Here’s a roundup of my top videos for Earth Day that have little or nothing to do with Earth Day:

#1: A subway train in Japan is too crowded. Instead of waiting for the next train, the passengers try to push aboard. They will not all fit, so attending officers actually shove them onto the train like cattle. It’s MySpace video so I can’t host it here, but here’s the link.

#2: For all you PBS addicts (or maybe just people like me who only have network tv), “Charlie Rose by Samuel Beckett” is so meta it hurts. My favorite dialog comes around minute two, when Rose says to Rose:

Charlie Rose pink tie: “Google google google.”

Charlie Rose blue tie: “No, we’re not going to do that.”

Charlie Rose pink tie: “Google google google.”

Charlie Rose blue tie: “Microsoft, Yahoo.”

Charlie Rose pink tie: “Radiohead.”

#3: Obama is so not your Grandma’s president (well, actually, my gramma is voting for him and she is from Ohio and she used to vote republican!). Obama likes hip hop. Especially Jay-Z. Obama will, of course “use hip hop in his white house.” Can’t knock that hustle.

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