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Hey, Fox!  STEPHEN Douglas and FREDERICK Douglass were two very VERY different people.



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I’m taking a little brain break from work to wax poetic about this summer, which I feel is going to perhaps be the best EVAR. Summer in Chicago is usually a thing of great beauty and fun because we Midwesterners learn to treasure what little good weather we get. By that logic, since last winter was so fucking shitty, I’m especially looking forward to this year’s warm spell.

Anyhow, here’s my top 10 for summer 2008:

  1. Softball with CerealMom and Rayodayo.
  2. Drinking coffee and working on the boss’s back porch.
  3. The busy season at Working Bikes, where a volunteer shift is almost always followed with Scrabble at the Beachwood.
  4. Mr. Stylebaby’s new apartment (good luck moving today!), which is near SweetCakes, a delicious, vegan-friendly bakery.
  5. Lazy Sundays at the beach.
  6. Vegetarian hot dogs!
  7. Traveling with my nuclear family–We’re going to Glacier National Park this year.
  8. My annual “how long can you go without taking public transit” challenge, which kicks off June 1. I usually make it 8-10 weeks. (Rainy days don’t count, FYI, since riding with a laptop in the rain is just plain asking for it.)
  9. Fresh. Produce. I think I’m going to try to make preserves this year.
  10. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be buying a home.

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Tyra SAD!

After watching this clip (via Feministing), I have three questions:

1. Which is a bigger affront to our sense of right and wrong: Tyra Banks’ Bangs or a father who drops his daughter off at the brothel for work and hands her a giant bottle of lotion [Uggs thinks it was lube!]?

2. Is the father’s little pep talk/”we all make sacrifices”/”your mother and I have your best interests at heart” for realsies or is there a Tyra Banks in the background orchestrating the whole heartfelt scene?

3. Is TB ever going to decide whether she wants to be Jerry Springer or Oprah? I can only assume this episode falls within the “and More!” in the exhaustive (and exhausting) tagline – “Fashion, Beauty, Celebrities, Makeovers, Weight Loss, Giveaways, Tickets and More!” I wonder how Hilary Clinton feels about sharing the stage with the likes of a father-daughter pimp’n’ho team and shameless famewhores (aside: I’m sure I’m not the first to notice that these two are famous in large part because people keep buying their staged photos in order to talk about how they’re staging photos to pump up their celebrity).

But seriously. I echo Jezebel’s sentiments that this isn’t about whether sex work is a viable profession for women who freely choose it but rather the unbelievable creep factor in the father-daughter dynamic. I feel all kinds of icky after watching this guy coerce his daughter and wax her inner thighs. [And vag! – Uggs]

Tyra, I hear you are thinking of leaving Top Model in order to focus on your show. And I was so close to learning how to smile with my eyes…

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Just a quick blurb via the CTA Tattler:

New York’s loss is Chicago’s gain — Chicago will get $153 million in federal funds for congestion-relief efforts. Those funds had been earmarked for New York until it missed a deadline to apply.

The congestion-relief efforts are two-pronged: a network of express bus routes, and a peak-period pricing system for both garage and metered parking, and for building loading zones that clog streets.

So. Exciting. Like UglyStepSister, I am super-into public transit and have often said I wouldn’t live anywhere that I would need to purchase a car. That doesn’t mean I don’t drive–it just means that I don’t want to deal with car ownership. Bikes and buses and trains are best for me!

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Or maybe she’s just an old lady… but a feisty one! I am always in the market to adopt new grandfolk.

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links for 2008-04-30

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Welcome to Group Think–a new feature on OurPrerogative! Each week we’ll be taking some bit of pop culture gristle and subjecting it to the stern linguistic stylings of the OP crew.

Our first serving of this sure-to-be phenomenal feature is a doozy, and comes to us via Feministing/Julia Serano: It’s a commercial for a hair removal product marketed specifically to the trans community.

CerealMom: Wait, if I have a lot of hair on my body, does that make me a transgendered person, too? And I love that he comes on stage a WOMAN but is really a BOY. Who scripted this reality commercial?

MiddleChild: So, what we have learned is that transgendered folk are even more beholden to an unnatural standard of beauty than us natural-born vaginae?

MinkStole: Eliminating man hair is serious stuff.  True test of any dipilatory product if you ask me .  Fortunately I am a woman and therefore enjoy pain.  Until I saw this commercial, I’d never really thought about it, but wow! SO TRUE!!

StyleBaby: I’m pretty easy to manipulate, apparently, because this commercial totally had me cheering until that shitty catchphrase puked on my sense of pride in humanity. “Like all men, he’s not great with pain.” WTF? Who is great with pain? Sheesh. Give me Animal Prufrock any day of the week over this.

UglyStepSister: All political commentary aside, that is one hot trannie. Like, Pussycat Dolls hot. Like, don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like him hot. Like, can I vote for him to be Paris’ BFF?

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