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In a little less than a month, Mr. MiddleChild and I are going on a little trip to visit my friend who is a Peace Corps Volunteer. This involves 31 hours of travel, including a transatlantic flight on the airline that almost stopped serving food on international flights and filed for Chapter 11 yesterday six years ago.

Following the 8 hour flight to London, we have a 10 hour layover before our 10 hour flight down the Dark Continent. Initially we pondered storming London for the day, but clearing customs and making it into the city and back became too ambitious.

Instead we’ll shower and sleep and bask in the fluorescent purple glow of modernity.

Heathrow and Gatwick airports are both home to the Yotel, basically the best freaking idea ever.

Being on a budget, we opted for the standard cabin – smaller than the premium shown above. Still, as the website says, “There’s as much in these 7 square metres [sic] as you’d find in most 4 star hotels.”

Why I love this idea:

1. Airports are terrible places to spend any extended period of time. That someone is putting beds in them pleases me.

2. Hello I booked this hotel *by the hour.* How Pretty Woman is THAT?

3. Excellent idea brought to life in a clean design. Makes the architect’s daughter in me happy.

4. What better way to spend hours with a loved one?  After being shoehorned next to each other for 8 hours and prior to enduring the same for another 10, what we really need is some together time in approximately 22 square feet of space.


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I’m taking a little brain break from work to wax poetic about this summer, which I feel is going to perhaps be the best EVAR. Summer in Chicago is usually a thing of great beauty and fun because we Midwesterners learn to treasure what little good weather we get. By that logic, since last winter was so fucking shitty, I’m especially looking forward to this year’s warm spell.

Anyhow, here’s my top 10 for summer 2008:

  1. Softball with CerealMom and Rayodayo.
  2. Drinking coffee and working on the boss’s back porch.
  3. The busy season at Working Bikes, where a volunteer shift is almost always followed with Scrabble at the Beachwood.
  4. Mr. Stylebaby’s new apartment (good luck moving today!), which is near SweetCakes, a delicious, vegan-friendly bakery.
  5. Lazy Sundays at the beach.
  6. Vegetarian hot dogs!
  7. Traveling with my nuclear family–We’re going to Glacier National Park this year.
  8. My annual “how long can you go without taking public transit” challenge, which kicks off June 1. I usually make it 8-10 weeks. (Rainy days don’t count, FYI, since riding with a laptop in the rain is just plain asking for it.)
  9. Fresh. Produce. I think I’m going to try to make preserves this year.
  10. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be buying a home.

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