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carson daly gives the devil horns

Its official, TRL, the last outpost of music on MTV, the fistula-filled womb that birthed Carson Daly, will air its last show (kinda) in November. According to the AP:

Start the countdown clock on MTV’s countdown era: “Total Request Live” will soon shut down after 10 years on the air.

The music video show will conclude in a two-hour special on a Saturday afternoon in November, Dave Sirulnick, executive producer of “TRL,” said Monday. He stressed that the show wasn’t ending for good, but felt now was the right time to give it a break after an unprecedented run on the cable music channel.

At first, I was kind of sad that the former home of faux-street-tramp Jesse Camp is dying, but then I remembered that TRL really equals Carson Daly (black-painted pinkie nails, kewl) and the Jonas Brothers. Plus, it doesn’t even play full videos anymore, just 45 second snippits. I’ll take 106th and Park over TRL any day. But where do kids even get their music videos these days? Channels on Youtube? Finding new music that actually challenges you is hard when you are all alone on the endless interweb.

Sneaking in a couple hours of Alternative Nation (I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV, so of course that’s all I watched) definitely opened up my ears to music I never ever ever (Cibo Matto, Liz Phair, pulp, L7…)  would have found as a preteen growing up in bumblefuck, IL. Probably one of the reasons I was so excited about all endless new music possibilites presented on Muxtape, another thing we can mourn the loss of. Damn RIAA


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My iTunes is gathering dust lately because all I want to listen to is Muxtape. Lastfm and Pandora were short-lived excitements for me, but Muxtape is a music-sharing (not trading) site that I am so down with because it is so e-z. And totally free of the social networking bullshit: no comments, no way to even know who compiled the mix you’re enjoying (or hating). Sure, its probably all just an Amazon plot to get us to buy their MP3’s, but Amazon is much closer to my heart than, say, iTunes, so I’ll let it slide.

Side Note: iTunes does try to sell music by mixtapes, but via “celebrity playlists,” an iTunes function used for the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kelly Ripa to tout singles and b-sides by Maroon 5, Mazzy Star, Massive Attack and Broken Social Scene.

On Muxtape, you can make your own mix, or choose whatever suits your fancy from a randomly generated list. [Try it out: Muxtape.com/Random -SB] With so many to choose from, chances are, you’ll find a few bad eggs. I can usually spot these musical missteps with my keenly honed sense of musical snobbery. For example, if I see artists like Sublime, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Kid Koala or Atmosphere I have already decided I don’t want to hear it. There was a great post that Moe over at Jezebel wrote yesterday that addressed what she calls “Late Onset Rocksnobbery.”

And despite blindly judging dozens of faceless Muxxers who like 90’s rap-rock fusion bands, bouncing around muxtape makes you realize how much we all have in common. Eventually we all come across a mix and think, “my best friend/lover/cousin/second grade teacher would pick the same songs.”

So, I’m tossing my first muxtape into the ring. I encourage you to make your own and link to it in the comments below–we’ll get an O.P.(P.) playlist going.

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