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Seriously, when can I delete you?

If you haven’t seen someone since high school and do not ever talk to them (nor have anything in common) yet they apparently love EVERY application on Facebook and think you will too… well… can you unfriend them? Please? Does that make you such a terrible person?

I am not a character from Sex and the City, I do not want to know who has a crush on me, and I do not give a shit how you scored on a movie quiz. And no, I do not want to compare scores.

but I still love Scrabulous.


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I’m having a nightmare of a day at work (hey bureaucrats – eat it!) so I just wanted to post this protest/tribute video, sent to me by my good friend Ferosh.

Scrabulous, my number one way to feel like a genius and an idiot AT THE SAME TIME.

Scrabulous, the most hilarious venue for cyber sex trolls, ever.

Scrabulous, where has my life gone the past 6 months?

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links for 2008-02-28

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Hey, Cuuute

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Star Wars according to the cutest little prerogative.

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More homebrewed video

My friend Lizz made a video blog for her friend Aneesa (and posted it on her MySpace page).

The blog, adorable as it is, spawned two very clever responses from other friends.

(Here AND Here.)

So I guess my big question is, what is the process by which something like this becomes a YouTube meme? I want to see manymany of these little slideshow storytelling posts! (Uggs, for some reason, I think you’d have the best strategic next steps here…)

PS: We’re having some problems with embedding. Sorry for the external links…

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