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Wow, when I saw Mike Gravel’s Helter Skelter video, I thought he was just kind of a crazy old dude who accidentally stumbled into coolpants. Now I know that Mike Gravel purposefully backflips into his coolpants off a seesaw.


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Some of you may have seen this video since it went viral beginning of last year. I encountered it only today via great art and culture blogger Thomas Cott’s daily You’ve Cott Mail bulletin (I HIGHLY recommend signing up for his great daily emails).

This and the website it features was his pick for the morning’s best website-

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Virginia Heffernan, you so great! You so great you helped teach me how to contagiate my videos:

Quick, fellow prerblogatives: What’s your favorite media blog? (Actually, I’m a little serious about this. I’m trying to beef up my daily GoogleReadings…)

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McCain girls are puttin this shit out like it’s their job.

I’m a big fan of their nonsensical stretching to rhyme with the lyrics they’re replacing. Gems from this round: “Is it McCaining with you?” “Walk with me like voters do!” “Raining in my head with fresh solutions.” And, most priceless of all, “Getting off his bus like a new emotion.”

And why is the long haired girl eternally facing away from the camera, always about to flip her hair, but never following through? WHY?

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