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“Remember how the live puppy feed had sound, so you could leave the tab open on your browser while you did other things like work, and then when the puppies woke up from a nap you would hear it and you could go back over and check out what they were doing? This kitten feed should have that too.”

I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. At all.


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I have a good job, I pay my bills, I have good credit, I am planning for retirement, I maintain my responsibilities and follow through on commitments, I try to be diplomatic, I floss (sometimes), and I generally have a low carbon footprint.  All these things qualify me for maturity right?

Now watch these awesome videos that PTC found and claimed that they were “The only thing I have ever seen where I felt like they were made specifically for you.”

Watch them and re-assess my (and your?) maturity level.  EMBRACE IT.

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Last week, World of Facts! (AKA Mr. StyleBaby), our friend Darrell (sorry, Darrell, I don’t have a good nickname for you yet!) and I made a great autumnal dinner–we stuffed a hubbard squash with seitan, apples, potato, garlic and butter and baked it with an orange juice (fresh squeezed) and sage stock. In hindsight, I would have filled the inside of the squash with stock as I stuffed it, because it came out a little dry.

But I’m not writing this to talk about squash! I’m writing this to talk about Apple Dumplings. We used a recipe that had been passed to my mother by my paternal grandmother-and it was probably given to her by her mother. My family lives far away, but we’ve always placed great value on cooking and eating together. Making dishes like this help me feel closer to them–especially when I can share them with my loved ones. These dumplings remind me of winters by the lake in Minnesota and are best savored when there’s a slight chill in the air.

Apple Dumplings

Cut up 4-5 apples into 1/4 in pieces and set aside. We threw a nectarine in the mix and it was lovely.

Whisk 1 1/2 C sugar, 1 1/2 C water, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp nutmeg in a saucepan. Bring to brisk boil, remove from heat after three minutes and set aside.

Pastry crust:
Mix 2 C flour, 2 tbsp baking powder and 1 tbsp salt in large mixing bowl. Add 2/3 C butter or vegetable shortening and cut into the dry goods-just like mixing a pie crust. When there are no lumps left, add
1/2 C milk and 2 tbsp sugar. If the dough is too wet, add flour as needed-it really depends on the temperature of the room.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Roll out the dough and cut into 6 equal pieces. Add a small handful of apples to each piece and pack the dough around the mass- just like packing a snowball-and place in a casserole dish. When all six
dumplings are in the dish, bring the syrup to a boil again, whisk it, then pour it over the dumplings. When done pouring, pop the dish in the oven for thirty minutes or until golden brown.

Plate while hot and serve with about 2 T of milk or cream over each dumpling. To make a vegan version of this dish, substitute butter for shortening or earth balance, and use almond or rice milk instead of dairy.

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Someone unearthed a 1946 Disney video that explains the wonders of menstruation and, like any good video archeologist, posted it on YouTube. While the video doesn’t explain the wonders of anything else that could, or should, go on in the nether-region, it did teach us the invaluable lesson that my ovary is the size of an almond. And now we’d like to open it up to the (ahem) peanut gallery. Ladies?

StyleBaby: Kotex PWNS your uterus. Also, I love, love, love that “some girls are heavy, some slight.” SLIGHT! Somehow that’s even worse than skinny.

UglyStepSister: Things I learned: Don’t shower in scalding hot water – burning is bad for future babies! When biking, never pedal or use your handlebars – just ride sidesaddle and free down a hill! Don’t let your pituitary gland give you freakish strength like the hulk! Don’t commit suicide while menstruating, and for chrissakes, stand up straight!

CerealMom: Girls, remember, when you are men-STRU-ating its only natural to cry when you look in the mirror and brush your hair. But never fear! Keep working that vaccum–with good posture and a beautiful smile–and relief shall come.

MiddleChild: “If the egg is impregnated” …by Disney magic?  No wonder I grew up fearing I would become pregnant without having sex and no one would believe me that I was still a virgin.

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I officially want this guy to be my daily soundtrack.  Here is what he’d sing when I’m headed to Safeway:  “Going to the store, to buy some groceries!  I hope the line is not too long I’ve really got to pee.  I am buying milk, and I am buying cheese, and if the sale is right I’ll buy Febreeze!”

When I am feeding my cat:

“Eleanor my pet, you are so cuddly, I hope you do not pee on things, I hope you don’t get fleas.  I will pet your head, and feed you tasty treats, death comes in the night on kitty’s feets!”

Wanna try?

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..and Eleanor Roosevelt kept me awake all night chewing my toes and walking on my head.

This is how I feel:

Thanks to Cute Overload.

I am THIS CLOSE to being a Cathy cartoon today. Good thing I’m supposed to go see Iron Man tonight.

[EDIT: Every time I think of Cathy these days, I think of this clip from 30 Rock. Enjoy! -SB]

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My apologies for not having posted in awhile. A bunch of stuff has happened, including drinking way too much whiskey while being underdressed in a room of people I don’t know, and nearly getting clocked at the DC Roller Derby. The most important thing that has happened is this:

I adopted a cat! She is gray and sassy and I believe that she is like the cat version of Bea Arthur.

She also looks like a black cat that has been rolling around in powdered sugar or talcum powder or cocaine. My cat is a coke head and I love it.

Also, I have to say, watching a boyfriend who has never had a pet get really into playing with a cat is quite cute.

She can also kill flies like an iguana. It’s amazing.

Can you sense my glee?

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