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Our namesake and inspiration is the medium to deliver this special message from me to stylebaby, on our last day as co-workers

Nobody works the hammer pants like Bobby Brown without underwear.


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Blue Velvet

Really? Isabella Rossellini is making naughty cosplay bugporn? Kinda gross, lady:

Isabella Rossellini has made a series of short films in which she dresses up like insects (always the males, for some reason) and acts out bug sex. Via BoingBoing.

Check it out. The pictures are more priceless than a MasterCard commercial.

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There’s a great CTA exchange over on the CTA Tattler (my new favorite Chicago Blog) that begins:

It’s barely 7 am on the long Red Line commute to the Loop from Howard. By Argyle, the train car is filling, but the woman in her late 50’s is still protecting the aisle seat beside her with the worn, jam-packed messenger bag.

She herself wears a huge head scarf wrapped around her scowling face. At Argyle, a guy in his late 20s boards and immediately eyes the seat, standing expectantly next to it.

“Stop leaning on my seat!” barks the woman.

“I’m waiting for you to move your bag so I can sit down,” he explains patiently.

“Move my bag! You’re not sitting next to ME!”

“Lady, I paid my $2, and your bag didn’t, so your bag doesn’t get to ride in that seat for free.” (LINK)

You’ll have to visit the Tattler to read the rest–it’s classic. One of my favorite things about this city are the characters on public transportation.

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I can’t think of a better way to mourn the waste of my primary vote than this email from my darling little brother:

I’m sorry to hear that Edwards just dropped out of the Presidential Race.  I thought he was fighting for some really positive and important things for this country.  It kinda seems a lot of this race has been a farce lately on the Democratic side, with Michigan and Florida losing their delegates and Hillary still campaigning there, etc.  Anywho, I’m at work and I just felt like saying hello.  It’s been a hectic few weeks, but it seems things are slowly settling into place.


Too true, my brother. Too true.

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Animal Hospital

A former coworker directed me to I’M BLOG, a (duh) blog consisting solely of clever IM screenshots. I saw this post yesterday and just about died:


As my co-bloggers know, I have a weakness for animals in clothing. I’ve been thinking about getting a dog, if only so that I can have a party during which my cat and hypothetical dog would get married. What they (and you!) may not know, however, is that I used to breed guinea pigs and sell them to the local petshop. Specifically, these breeds:

180px-teddy_guinea_pig.jpg180px-guinea_pig-meerschweinchen.jpg800px-peruvian_cavy.jpg200px-a_peruvian_with_hair_wraps.jpg(That’s Teddy, Abyssinian, Silkie and Peruvian, for the uninitiated.)

Anyhow, thinking about my childhood obsession with small rodents reminded me of my favorite guinea pig story: One time, when Cocoa, an Abyssinian, was giving birth, her entire uterus came out with the placenta. So what did we do? Picked the pine shavings off and put it back in, of course! Strangely enough, Cocoa showed no ill effects, but died three months later when some kind of virus ripped through my guinea pig population.

Next up: late night animal surgeries!

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New search term with multiple hits:

boobs filetype:gif

I can’t say I blame them.  Who doesn’t love boobies?

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It’s been way too busy.

Big changes are afoot for CerealMom and StyleBaby. More to come next week. In the meantime, this cat is a special gift for you from PETA-tastic Cho. I don’t quite know what to think of it.image001.jpg

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