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This ride made my little sister cry when we went to Disney World as wannabe Disney Princesses (Yes, I thought I was Maid Marian, I was also 6 years old). CREEEEPY.


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Someone unearthed a 1946 Disney video that explains the wonders of menstruation and, like any good video archeologist, posted it on YouTube. While the video doesn’t explain the wonders of anything else that could, or should, go on in the nether-region, it did teach us the invaluable lesson that my ovary is the size of an almond. And now we’d like to open it up to the (ahem) peanut gallery. Ladies?

StyleBaby: Kotex PWNS your uterus. Also, I love, love, love that “some girls are heavy, some slight.” SLIGHT! Somehow that’s even worse than skinny.

UglyStepSister: Things I learned: Don’t shower in scalding hot water – burning is bad for future babies! When biking, never pedal or use your handlebars – just ride sidesaddle and free down a hill! Don’t let your pituitary gland give you freakish strength like the hulk! Don’t commit suicide while menstruating, and for chrissakes, stand up straight!

CerealMom: Girls, remember, when you are men-STRU-ating its only natural to cry when you look in the mirror and brush your hair. But never fear! Keep working that vaccum–with good posture and a beautiful smile–and relief shall come.

MiddleChild: “If the egg is impregnated” …by Disney magic?  No wonder I grew up fearing I would become pregnant without having sex and no one would believe me that I was still a virgin.

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(via Wired)

Sure, Wall-E might be fascist and hypocritical, but after 90 minutes of hugging myself and giggling on account of the overwhelming amounts of cute-meets-awesome I am foolishly susceptible to Wall-E related merchandise. Especially the opportunity to actually own my very own Wall-E. Check out more at the Wired blog – you could be able to take this little guy home to your children (or your adult girlfriend.  Ahem). Also, I would endure Disney World again for a chance to have Wall-E pretend that he loves me.

(Big props to Mr. MiddleChild for Knowing What I Like)

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