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(All pictures courtesy of cracked.com’s riotously funny survey of unsettling German Halloween costumes)


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are haunting me. Unbelievable.


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James Lipton, the debonair host of Inside the Actor’s Studio, didn’t exactly spend his early days studying method acting under Lee Strasberg. According the the AP via ABC.com, Mr. Lipton used to be a Pimp, working the Frightened American Teenage John circuit in Paris:

James Lipton, the host of U.S. talk show, Inside the Actors’ Studio, once worked as a pimp in Paris, France.

The revered TV presenter… has revealed he once procured clients for French hookers.

He says, “This was when I was very very young, living in Paris, penniless, unable to get any kind of working permit… I had a friend who worked in what is called the Milieu, which is that world and she suggested to me one night, `Look, you’ll be my mec… We would translate it perhaps… as pimp.

“We were earning our living together, this young woman and I, we made a rather good living, I must say.”

Lipton reveals in his new book Inside Inside he would set up sex shows for clients of his lady friend.

He adds, “I had to accompany my clientelle to the Rue Pigalle, which is where these things occurred. And then I’d take them up to the room and I had to remain there because they were very nervous, they were young Americans for the most part… and they didn’t speak French.”

Anyone want to venture a guess at his pimp name?

taxi driver

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I got shat on while biking to work today. Pigeons are so lame!


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The Great Malenko

I first heard ICP over 10 years ago, when my 14-year-old best friend returned from rehab in Rockford a new fan of this Detroit-area rap/metal band. For those of you who slept on the Midwestern-teen-angst phenomenon that is Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic records, live from her dorm room closet, here is jugal3tte17, explaining the fan-cult she proudy belongs to:

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whatever grandma.


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