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Please notice that the top of the bag says “Feliz 2005.”  These chips possibly were in fact from 2005.  We picked them up at a gas station on our way back south toward the end of the trip.  As Mr. MiddleChild put it: “Worse than dog food.”  More on Mozambique to come…


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Vote or Die

Jessica Alba, her empty dead eyes and her Louis Vuitton muzzle remind you to vote (or die).

I just remembered to request my absentee (aka fake) ballot before leaving – if you, too, are cheating and still voting in your home state where it actually counts instead of in, say, a non-state, get your absentee ballot, dangit!

Tomorrow Mr. MiddleChild and I depart for two weeks with my friend who is in Mozambique as a Peace Corps volunteer.  I will try not to eat all the Oreos, Rice Krispee Treats and Butterfingers her mom sent me to courier over, but I’m just saying I have about 30 hours of travel and am not bringing my ipod so…

See you in mid-October, when I will have stories of one or more of the following:
The Yotel
– Diarrhea (And believe me, I will be *real* about this with you)
– Hilarious miscommunications/Portuguese bumbles in which Mr. MC ends up trading me for bus tickets
– Beaches, horseback riding, snorkeling, travel by dhow, traveling overland, visiting my friend’s classroom and former host family, and MORE!

I leave you this image from our recent trip to Michigan:

I sure miss that state.

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